NES Classic Discontinued, Hacked to Death

In a bizarre move Nintendo announced they have discontinued production of the wildly popular NES classic edition. Resellers rejoiced as fans still without one gasped as aftermarket prices went through the roof once again.  Nintendo claims it was always ment to be a small production run, but who in their right mind stops producing a product that’s flying off the shelf?  A company that sees it losing sales in the long run.  Confused?  Well consider that to buy nes games digitally in the Nintendo store they start at $4.99 each, and hackers have figured out how to squeeze 700+ titles onto the nes mini.  I’d discontinue it too if I was Nintendo.  I bet if it wasn’t hacked mere days after its release we would be getting more, but now we will never know. Anybody remember Super Mario All Stars for wii? It was a wildly popular limited run that became not so limited when it was released again because of high demand.  So good luck if you’re still on the hunt, you’re gonna need it.

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