A Good Time to be a Horror Fan

It seems the horror genre has received a much needed shot in the arm. Several new series have caught mainstream attention, and couple have caught my own.

After being picked up by Netflix last year, Black Mirror has made an impact in the horror/sci-fi genre. The award-winning British television series features standalone episodes that are set in a near future and showcase the darkside of what tech may evolve into.  Often cited as a modern Twilight Zone, Black Mirror is cut from the same vein as the Saw and Hostel movie series.  Twisted and sophisticated, these journeys take the sugar coating off of moral decisions because in real life bad stuff happens to good people.

Dimension 404, the newcomer often compared to Black Mirror, is the same and yet different.  Dimension 404 is more like Tales From the Crypt if we are comparing these shows to old established series.  It follows sci-fi standalone episodes but after that its’ style is very different. It does not try to be as serious as Black Mirror, and I like to laugh so I prefer Dimension 404’s approach a little more.  I grew up with 80’s and 90’s horror which always had comedy written in. Some parts are a bit over the top but I love it.  There is a retro feel to this series and they’re waving that flag proudly.

So as the streaming wars heat up, consumers win with these new series. I’ll also mention that Ash vs Evil Dead (available on Starz) is getting a third season and Tales From the Crypt is hopefully getting a long awaited reboot. Catch Black Mirror on Netflix and Dimension 404 on Hulu. Happy watching, if you dare.

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