Misfits – Hulu’s Hidden Super Hero Gem

The super hero genre is overflowing with a variety of shows available on many formats.  If you’ve binged through everything, or if you’re like me and you want something a bit different, I implore you to checkout Misfits on Hulu.

It doesn’t follow the usual formula of a gifted person trying to right the wrongs and save the persecuted, which is a bit tired if you ask me.  The show follows a group of juvenile delinquents who are serving community service and gain super powers during a freak electrical storm.  They kill a person in self-defense and use their powers to cover up the incident fearing they’ll be accused of murder.  All the while, they’re exploring their powers and being self-serving teens.

I admit I’ve only burned though the first two seasons but trust me I’m hooked.  Game of Thrones fans will see a familiar face or two. Deadpool fans should like the raunchy comedic side but at the same time it’s dark and brilliantly written.  This is from 2009 so while watching I couldn’t help but think it influenced Deadpool’s push for that R-rating.

I have read that there is talk of an American adaptation, but if you have Hulu why wait?!  So stop trying to guess about which show might be good and watch one that’s highly rated from across the pond. If you find or know about another overlooked show worth watching, please let us know.

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