Bell County Comic Con – Back Bigger and Better

In the sleepy city of Temple I’d never dreamed there would be a Huge Comic Convention literally a 10 minute drive away, let alone one in the Bell County Expo Center that’s in a city with a population of only 20k.  But, in its second incarnation, they have proven that with dreaming big and pouring in their hearts and souls, their insane idea of bringing a big convention to a more rural area has been welcomed with open arms by the locals and attracted both young and old geeks that probably would have never made it to a “big city” con.

Two of the guests, Danny Trejo and Jake “The Snake” Roberts, I had never seen before and was a bit curious about their real life personas. They both turned out to be smash hits with the fans with hilarious panels that had me rolling.  Before I sound like a broken record, all the panels I attended were great, from DBZ villains doing voices to the Power Rangers telling the story of their journey to get where they are and of course behind the scenes tales you may not hear anywhere else.  With Kevin Eastman, Transformers Bumblebee, Jose Canseco, an escape room and haunted house there was something here for everyone and if there wasn’t a guest or group the vendors covered the rest.

So my hats off to Johnny, Jeff, Phil, and the rest of the BCCC crew who this big dream a reality and proved if you build it they will come lol.  Panels will be slowly added when I have time to work on them so check back or subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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