Classic Game Fest 2018

As a video game collector and enthusiast this is one of my favorite conventions. The staff, vendors and other guests are always kind and respectful, I guess it’s that southern hospitality. I’ll admit attendance was down but it was no less fun and meant more deals for me.
Gone this year were the Youtube stars and Ernest Cline’s cancellation was a bummer but Joust developer John Newcomer and Q*Bert creator Warren Davis were great guests.

I’m going to say Warren Davis was a bit of a dick at one point. I don’t know if he was grumpy or thought I was a reseller when I was getting his autograph. It was weird because Saturday and earlier that same day him and I were fine so I don’t know what happened. Anyways John was great, I eagerly shot questions his way and some made him smile because later during his panel he addressed them in his presentation.  It was great to pick the brain of a Legendary creator to a game I love.  Lonnie McDonald aka The Joustmaster himself was there giving tips and talking with fans. He was great too I wish I had gotten there earlier when he was playing and showing us how it’s done.

I’ve got to tell you DJ R.O.C.K.M.A.N. was awesome and I’m not easily impressed with the gaming music scene, but I found myself bobbing my head and tapping my foot whenever he was rocking the house. Okay this last one is a personal favorite of mine Jared Thorbahn who runs the social media for Cheap Ass Gamer, a group that helps gamers on a budget like myself.  This man is dedicated, after spending the day as a guest/vendor he was up all nite posting deals for the followers.

The free gaming set ups are great but be prepared to wait in line, I for one find the vendors here amazing and spent most of my time treasure hunting.  Sure you’re going to pay up at the specialty vendors but most are willing to haggle and I found artist with boxes of under priced games just wanting to git rid of stuff you just have to have a sharp eye and be willing to ask, “whats that over there?”  The art was great too, various vendors were selling out of prints I managed to snag the second to last Q*Bert print by Flip, I’m not sure how many he had over the weekend but Warren Davis probably signed each one including mine.

With loot in hand, panels and guest engagement replaying in my mind and dreaming of holy grails I might someday own, Classic Game Fest you did it again and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me next year.

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