How James Gunn Saved Kathleen Kennedy’s Job

The Fandom all heard the rumors, both sides waited to see how it would go down but September came and instead of the rumored firing, Kathleen Kennedy was given a 3 year extension that shocked the fandom and left media outlets scrambling.  The initial statements were basically that their insider information is good but no one wants the job but I believe there is more to it.

So around June news broke about the firing, boycotters rejoiced while anti-boycotters went on the defense.  Come July though and James Gunn is in the headlines and Disney executes order 66 on him without hesitating.  Conservatives nodded in approval but Gunn supporters for lack of a better description, the far left, went ballistic.  I’m not going to get into the details you can just google “James gunn Fired”.  On top of fan backlash, petitions, major media news outlets and Hollywood threw their support behind Gunn.  Namely Dave Bautista has been the most vocal and steadfast Gunn supporter even after the world has mostly moved on.

So what’s this have to do with Kennedy you might be asking. Well to most the firing of Gunn seemed cut and dry but it became a debacle for Disney so just imagine what happens if Kennedy was ousted because they’d have to remove her faithful along with her and from pictures I’ve seen that’s going to be mostly females which will trigger even more far left that don’t even care about Star Wars.  Then imagine the Hollywood reaction, and the actors who would have to support her or risk being blacklisted.  So firing Kennedy would put Disney in a PR nightmare scenario.

So did the anti-boycotters win? By default I’d say yes, but remember Bob Iger confirmed the movie slow down so one can hope he is going to keep an eye on what’s going down at Lucas Arts for now on.  Did the boycott accomplish anything?  Yes, if you truly believe Disney hasn’t taken notice you’re blind to news you don’t agree with, but Disney at this point isn’t going to upset the fans they have in their pocket to “maybe” sway the otherside back.  Speaking of which a lot of the boycotters have either bought or seen Solo one way or another and considering they are Star Wars fans episode IX will be far harder to resist.

Going forward Disney needs to unite the fandom.  Start by 1) having their associates stop attacking fans 2) rein in their shill media to stop telling us how great the Last Jedi is and stop with the George Lucas hit pieces 3) go back to the drawing board and create genuine excitement for the brand again, surprise us with good content, you did it with Rogue One so it is possible.

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