Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 – Action, Comedy, and the Feels

Don’t worry there are no major spoilers.

Long story short the movie is great. Though if you like your super hero movies more on the serious side you might not enjoy it as much as I did. Considering the first one was a crazy joyride you were already forewarned.

Veteran watchers of vol.1 know to expect heavy doses of action and comedy, and right away it serves it up. The first character reveal had me scratching my head. With my best comic geek days behind me I still have an extensive library built in my head. I went with it though and it does make sense as more is revealed.  Then free from distractions, I found myself fully vested.  There’s a ton of action with maybe a bit too much comedy, but more on that later.  Drax and Baby Groot fans rejoice because they get a lot more screen time and Drax has way more lines then in the first outing.  I felt as though Rocket didn’t get featured as much but he does have some very good scenes.  Star-Lord and Gamora I’ll just say they aren’t quite how I remembered leaving them but it works and she was raised by Thanos so their relationship should be expected to be different from the norm.  You learn more about Nebula and Yondu’s motivation’s, and it really makes their characters shine in a different light.  Cameos, cameos, cameos, there’s so many in this go around it’s crazy.  So keep your eyes peeled because though some appear again later others are just one and done.  My only problem is maybe there is too much comedy or maybe just bad placement for it.  I find myself not getting that feeling of impending doom, or that our heroes are really in for it because they themselves don’t seem to take it all that serious for the most part.  The villain, though powerful, was just a bit lacking because you never get a true feel for his capabilities which could easily had been showcased.

Overall it’s a great movie, well worth watching in the theater.  I will admit this entry gave me an unexpected solid shot in the feels too.  I don’t expect people to need a hanky but you’ll know what I mean when you see it.  I rate it 4.5 / 5.

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