Better Late Than Never – A Reality Show I Can Watch

From the title you can guess reality shows aren’t my thing.  Watching people weasel their by stabbing others in the back way to get money or some prize doesn’t appeal to me much.  But when I was in a William Shatner panel for Wizard World Austin he brought it up.  A few months later and the long wait for Walking Dead and Game of Thrones has me scrambling for something to watch so I decided to see what it was like.

First off I’m a geek but that’s obvious since I was at a Shatner panel, but I love the NFL, I fondly remember watching Happy Days with my family huddled around our only TV, and I used to be an avid boxing fan having watched the underdog George Foreman KO Michael Moore to become the oldest heavy weight champion in history.  So watching these American Icons come together and travel Asia peaked my interest.  Their sidekick, Jeff Dye, purposely sets up ridiculous situations for them to experience to their dismay and our amusement.  Shatner though takes on a leadership role at times and seems to clash with Terry Bradshaw quite often.  At one point Foreman knocks Shatner out, but I’m not sure how real that was.  Basically it boils down to four old guys experiencing Asian culture which is very different then life in America and these being people I’ve watched my whole life I found it very funny and engaging.  The inside look at how their real personalities vs on screen personas clashed with the culture and each other was just plain fun to watch. There are only 4 aired episodes but Shatner said they actually made six so maybe that will be released later, plus they’ve been renewed for a second season. If interested season one is on Hulu and I posted digital exclusives below.

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