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This year Fan Expo brought out the big guns.  Mark Hamill, Stan Lee, Tim Curry, Jim Lee, Norman Reedus, the star-studded list goes on and on.  For me, it was yet another awesome experience, but there was a bit of controversy for some.  I did not experience it first hand and refuse to spread hearsay so you’ll have to play internet sleuth yourself.  The first convention of the year for myself and the first under my new banner, I eagerly awaited to behold this massive collision of the Geekmultiverse over the next three days.

The vendor floor was over flowing with art and collectables.  I quickly drooled over treasures but with so many panels, my free time was short. Luckily one of my favorite artists was in attendance so I sought him out and was not disappointed.  I can always count on Ramos to satisfy my art needs, plus he’s always fun to chat with.

The panels were amazing, and just about all were fully packed.  Thus is the life of a fan, for the payoff is more than worth the wait.  That said, while waiting in those lines I made new friends. My advice- don’t stay glued to your phone, say hi to your neighbors, because the person next to you just may be more than meets the eye.  I could go on and on about the panels but it’s easier just to watch them on our YouTube channel.

Cosplay was on point; there was a plethora of giant mind blowing costumes.  Riki LeCotey, aka Riddle, was finally back in Texas.  Being that she’s my favorite cosplayer I was glad to catch her before she left on the last day.

In the end, I personally had a great time.  I was excited and nervous, but with support from new friends and my loving wife things went smoothly. I can’t wait for Fan Days in October. We are just getting started, so check back in and stay geeky my friends.

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