The Disney Afternoon Collection – Relive the Capcom Magic

If you grew up in the eighties and nineties there’s no way you didn’t watch at least one of these shows.  The theme songs alone are unforgettable and the actual shows were just plain good, appealing to both boys and girls.  That said, not everyone played the games. It was a reemerging subculture but that’s a story for another time.

If you have a PS4, Xbox one, or a PC you can ride the nostalgia wave or experience these titles for the first time.  If you don’t play retro games much or don’t game at all, these games might piss you off because the classics are unforgiving and borderline torture. Digital Eclipse, who created this collection, foresaw this problem and added a rewind feature. If you want to finally beat these classics, you’re probably going to use it.  There’s also time attack and boss rush modes that have leaderboards to add some competition to this package.  Finally, there is a gallery that includes old advertisements, box art and development material like concept art.  All in all I think it’s a good collection. I only hate that it’s digital because as a collector I prefer physical media.



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